You Can Count On Me

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Winner of the Best Picture and Best Screenplay awards at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival, 'You Can Count On Me' has been hailed as "the best American movie of the year 2000." Laura Linney, in her Oscar-nominated role, and Mark Ruffalo star as grown-up siblings who couldn't be more different. While conservative Sammy (Linney) stayed in her quiet hometown, rebellious Terry (Ruffalo) was on the road, drifting in and out of trouble. When Terry suddenly comes to visit, his presence has a profound influence on Sammy's world. As Terry forms a special friendship with Sammy's precocious eight-year-old son, Rudy (Rory Culkin), Sammy rediscovers her passion for life, entertaining a marriage proposal from her boyfriend (Jon Tenney) while having a fling with her boss (Matthew Broderick). But when Terry's behavior becomes disruptive, Sammy must finally confront the choices of the past and make new ones to renew her family's future...
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40 out of 100  Go rent it out
Wayne from Kildare, 28 Mar 2008
You can Count on Me" is a very warm tale of an estranged brother and sister who have grown apart but reunite after a long absence. Laura Linney gives a powerful and moving performance as a single mother, living in a small town, who has yet to figure out what to do with her life, yearns excitement but is constrained by the shackles of her mundane work and motherhood. When her troubled brother comes back on the scene, she clings to him for the emotional support she needs as they rekindle their old

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40 out of 100  Well worth seeing
Brian from Dublin, 13 Nov 2007
Excellent refreshing film. Laura Linney and Mark Ruffalo play roles that seem made for them. Touching analysis of the meaning of family and the contrast/marriage between spirit and spirituality. Avoids potential cliches and never lapses into a didactic tone.

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30 out of 100  Families are hell !
Peter from Cork, 09 Feb 2010
This film is a family drama, and a pretty good one. If you want to see and identify with the problems in the relationship you will . if you don't want to identify you'll be bored witless. Theres so much going on here and its what happens in some families. There hell !

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10 out of 100  Boring enough
Peter from Mayo, 24 May 2008
This film just seemed to go on and on relatively aimlessly and not really going anywhere much in the process, so much so that you eventually lose any empathy for either of the main characters

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40 out of 100  Great heartwarming and definitely worthy movie
Alana from Donegal, 02 Jul 2008
Have a go and see for yourself! Nice movie! My mom though doesn't speak or understand any of English had to say that was the great movie !

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