World At War Vol 4 (1973)

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Monday, April 25, 2005

2 discs in this set - individual discs

Acknowledged to be the most comprehensive television history of the Second World War ever made. The Bomb: February – September 1945 The development of the atomic bomb, the ascendency of President Harry Truman, emerging splits in the Allies with Joseph Stalin, and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, ultimately leading to the surrender of Japan. Reckoning: 1945...And After The situation in post-war Europe including the allied occupation of Germany, demobilisation, the Nuremberg Trials and the genesis of the Cold War. The episode concludes with summations about the ultimate costs and consequences of the war. Remember How the war - both good and bad experiences - was experienced and remembered by its witnesses. Secretary To Hitler Traudl Junge finds herself in Berlin during the war because she wants to be a ballet dancer. A friend tells her about a job vacancy in Hitler's chancellery; she applies for it and looking like Hitler's mistress Eva Braun, she becomes one of his private secretaries. Traudl Junge sees Hitler at close quarters, shares his public life and is with him in the bunker at the end. From War To Peace Renowned historian Stephen Ambrose examines the aftermath of World War II. Has peace truly been gained? Or has a new war with weapons of policy taken its place ? Warrior (Reflections of men at war compiled from inverviews and archive film obtained for The World At War series) A measured and decidedly unromantic look at the heat of battle. Warrior weaves together eyewitness accounts and rarely seen archive footage to reveal the deadly realities of combat.

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