The Family Stone


When a young woman, far too uptight for her own good, is persuaded to accompany her boyfriend to his family's annual Christmas celebration she finds that she's completely incompatible to their way of life... A lively 'fish out of water' culture clash comedy from writer/director Thomas Bezucha.
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35 out of 100  Good entertainment
Mark from Dublin, 12 Apr 2007
Its another chick flick but one that is actually quite good if this continues I am going to end up calling myself barbara at the weekends and wearing womens clothes but seriously it was funny and yet with serious undertones one for both sides of the sofa.

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30 out of 100  better second time around!
Monica from Westmeath, 19 Feb 2008
I'd seen this movie before, I had forgotten when I ordered it. When I realized my mistake, I groaned and yet...much better second time around! A little easy to guess the outcomes of certain plots early on, but altogether an enjoyable film. I found myself identifying with various characters throughout and the the family dynamics were very believable.

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30 out of 100  Good for some festive cheese!
John from Mayo, 07 Dec 2007
I had very low expectations of this film and I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself enjoying it. There are some moments of pure hollywood cheese that you just have to ignore, but on the whole I though this was an enjoyable festive film.

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40 out of 100  The Family Stone
Anna from Dublin, 06 Feb 2008
Brilliant Christmas Film, not exactly what you call a "classic" nevertheless a good watch. Not a big fan of Sarah Jessica, but must admit one of the best performances of hers i have seen to date.

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20 out of 100  The Family Stone
declan from Galway, 15 Oct 2007
Not very good in my opinion!

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0 out of 10  The Family Stone
James from Limerick, 22 Oct 2008
Terrible movie, not one likeable character & implausible: American Families are just not like this! Never seen Diane Keaton playing such an objectionable, spoint bitch as the "Mother" of this brood.

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