The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

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Monday, October 18, 2004

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Extremely concerned by the Earth's extremely rapid rate of climate change, paleoclimatologist Jack Hall (Quaid) races northward to a freezing New York to rescue his son as the rest of humanity streams south to escape the impending ice age...
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50 out of 100  Absolute Fantastic!!!!!!!
Craig from Dublin, 06 Sep 2007
This film is jsut plain brilliance and should be seen by all. If you haven't seen this get it now as it is one of my all time favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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50 out of 100  rent this the day before the day after today
Kevin from Dublin, 31 Aug 2007
One that looked amazing in the cinema but looks really good on dvd as well. Very topical albeit a vast exageration of what might happen. This is a fantastic action adventure with absolutely amazing special effects / cgi. If you haven't seen it before you're in for a real treat.

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50 out of 100  Would make you worry about your local Zoo
Caroline from Dublin, 27 Sep 2010
This film is spectacular. The special effects and the storyline is amazing. Just loved it. The scene with the escaped hungry wild wolves from the City Zoo made me look at Dublin Zoo a bit differently in the event of an environment disaster 10/10

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40 out of 100  Good
Brendan from Sligo, 04 Apr 2012
Ok if you like domesday films

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