In Taken Liam Neeson stars as Bryan, an ex-soldier who is forced to embark on a frantic quest to rescue his daughter (Maggie Grace) after she is abducted by slave traders.
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25 out of 100  Americans are good, French are bad
John from Donegal, 13 Feb 2009
An ex Government agents daughter is taken while on a trip to France. Fairly typical action film with Neeson as the hero out to save his daughter. The plot is very simplistic, anyone bad will die horribly, and the good will be fine. I found the anti-french theme here quite disturbing and anyone who hasn't been to France will think the place is overun with criminals. The one-sided characters spoilt the film for me, but for fans of Shoot-em-ups, you'll get plenty of blood & guts.

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40 out of 100  Decent flick!
Dean & Steffi from Meath, 16 Oct 2009
Not a great script and the dialogue seemed really dumbed down for the American audience, but overall it was a good gripping chase movie. No messing around, straight to the action kind of flick done in the style of early Van Damme movies! Great to see Neeson doing action as he's got the perfect presence for it. And there's no messing about when he gets the bad guys either.... I could'nt keep note of the body count and actually screamed at the screen when he got his own back and yelled "Yeahhhhhhh

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50 out of 100  One not to miss!!
Joanne from Wicklow, 07 Apr 2009
Excellent movie, I passed it on to all my friends and we where all agreed. The scary thing is that this kind of thing goes on in society now, if only we all had Liam Neeson as our dads!

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45 out of 100  EXCELLENT
joanne from Cork, 24 Apr 2009
Rent this movie, it's a lil bit slow at the start but keep with it,liam neeson is brilliant in it,one hard mo fo!!!Maybe a bit far fetched on his fighting talents but deff worth a watch

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50 out of 100  Taken
Clara from Dublin, 15 May 2009
Excellent film. Really enjoyed it. 10/10.

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15 out of 100  Taken the p*ss
Ken from Dublin, 06 Nov 2009
Neeson with his recent facial plastic surgery on show gives an uncharacteristically wooden performance. A real pot boiler this that was a surprising box office success. Low lights include brief cuts to archive aerial footage of the Eiffel tower to signify to you the viewer that the 'action' was moving to Paris - as if the director couldn't use more subtle means. Rent this if you want some bubble gum pop, otherwise avoid.

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40 out of 100  Took Me Back
Brendan from Dublin, 16 Jun 2009
Old school action film with plenty of violence and very little plot. The story, such as it is, basically involves a young American girl being kidnapped on a trip to France with a friend. From there on in Neeson works his way through an endless supply of evil goons in an attempt to get her back. They don't make them like this anymore and if you like your action fast and violent then this is the one for you.

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40 out of 100  Much better than the storyline suggests
Patrick from Wicklow, 16 Jan 2011
This was a really great film that I might have missed had it not been for the very good reviews I read here. They were well justified. From the start this is a gripping film - very well directed, with great cinematography. A real action film but very convincing and nothing gratuitous. Displays real class in film-making that big budgets and media hype can't match.

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