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Good cop. Great criminal. 'Stander' is based on the true story of André Stander, a South African homicide/robbery police captain who became one of the most notorious bank robbers in the country. After participating in the brutal killing in a riot in the line of duty, Stander decided to defy the very system he was part of, and set off on an audacious crime spree; robbing banks during his lunch hour then returning to the scene of the crime to lead the investigation. Finally caught by the same police force he worked with, he was jailed and, subsequently befriended Allan Heyl and Lee McCall. After a daring jailbreak, the 'Stander Gang' committed a large number of robberies, which grew increasingly bold over time. In the eyes of the public, their blatant disregard for authority made them South Africa's most popular anti-heroes. In reality, however, Stander and his gang were the most wanted men in the country...
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30 out of 100  brooding drama
Ciaran from Dublin, 25 Jul 2007
Stander is the story of a South African hard cop who plays around on the other side of the law. The movie is interesting but lacks the bite needed to make this a special event. Certainly not bad but could have been better.

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5 out of 100  stander
gerard from Dublin, 18 Aug 2008
Started off promising with an anti apartheid march that turned into a riot but after that it went rapidly downhill. Its an incredible story because its true but woeful acting and a bad script totally ruin the film.

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