Paranormal Activity (2009)

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Monday, March 22, 2010

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After a young, middle class couple moves into what seems like a typical suburban "starter" tract house, they become increasingly disturbed by a presence that may or may not be somehow demonic but is certainly most active in the middle of the night.
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25 out of 100  Blaire Witch Project in a house.
Orla from Dublin, 25 Mar 2010
Watched this on my own with some trepidation, as if I was to believe the hype, I would be “totally freaked out of my mind”. I needn’t have worried – it’s the Blair Witch Project in a house instead of a forest. Still, it held my attention right to the end as I was curious to know what would become of the unfortunate couple who were sharing their new house with a demon. Worth a watch.

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40 out of 100  Paranormal Activity
Emily from Galway, 27 Mar 2010
I am delighted that someone has started to make scary movies again! This is definately well worth a watch and one or two scenes will have you wrapping your bedsheets so tightly around you, you won't be able to move!

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40 out of 100  Scary
Anthony from Donegal, 11 May 2010
Did not think it would be any good but thought what the hell? 2 nights later I still getting the heeby jeebies when going to bed ... LOL

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10 out of 100  Not good
Martina from Tipperary, 06 Oct 2010
Was left so dissappointed at the end, was expecting so much more from the trailors. Would not compare to the Blair Witch, was nowhere near as genius as that. Thought it was scary when I thought it was based on true events, but then at the end during the credits it said it was all fiction so i was dissappointed all over again. Horror fans like me will not enjoy but if you are easily spooked you might.

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40 out of 100  Better than I'd hoped for!
Brock from Limerick, 22 Jul 2010
Was really surprised at this one. It was hyped some time ago but I ignored it and took it out here for the heck of it. But I was quite creeped and it slow builds to something a bit nasty. The closing shot held with me a while and the lights had to stay on that night.... DVD extras are great, plenty of short films from student directors

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30 out of 100  Good but not great
Martin from Tipperary, 14 Jan 2013
Enjoyed this film certainly worth a watch if you havent already seen it, very slow building not a huge amount happens for most of the movie it just makes you think stuff is going to happen but I suppose thats the horror genre. Anyway worth a watch but not worth all the hype that surrounded it when it came out originally.

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25 out of 100  Kinda like blair witch
Nicola from Leitrim, 27 Aug 2010
This was an ok film. couldnt watch the ending as i knew what was coming, there is really only lots of anticipation of what you think might happen and alot of banging about!! though i did think the ending was predictable

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30 out of 100  Surprising
Angela from Dublin, 22 Jun 2010
This film was a bit slow moving at first like a documentary but as time went on it got more enjoyable good climax

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