My Super Ex-Girlfriend

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He broke her heart. She broke his everything. Ivan Reitman directs this comedy in which Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson) thinks he's found the perfect girlfriend in Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman), who just happens to be smart, sexy...and a superhero. But when Jenny turns out to be a needy, neurotic mess, Matt wants to call it quits. Jenny is crushed by the news and will stop at nothing to exact sweet revenge.
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30 out of 100  my super ex-girlfriend
Kemi from Dublin, 10 Apr 2007
hilarious .i really enjoyed the movie

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25 out of 100  It's funny but..............
Andy from Westmeath, 30 May 2007
Great idea, poor execution. Uma Thurman stands out head and shoulders above her cast colleagues in this one but it's not enough to save the day. Essentially it's a boy meets girl, boy dumps girl, boy finds new girl, boy twotimes new girl with old girl - temporarily - before finally boy ends up with new girl tale - I'm not giving anything away here - you will see it coming a mile away! Eddie Izzard surprisingly underused as the villian and Uma is not shown often enough in her G-Girl outfit!

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35 out of 100  Watchable
Deirdre from Dublin, 13 Jul 2007
But sometimes cringeworthy. It's not the best that could have been made with the cast but it's not the worst either. Could have also done with some tighter editing and some more convincing badness from the professor would have made it a bit better. Some of the deleted scenes do add to the story.

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35 out of 100  'My Super Ex-Girlfriend'
Declan from Cork, 08 Jun 2007
As long as you realise and accept that this film's going to be a bit ridiculous and stupid before you rent it, than you might even enjoy this film! Some very funny scenes!

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30 out of 100  my super ex girlfriend
ANGELA from Kerry, 25 May 2007
not as good as id hoped it would be, excellent mid week viewing when theres nothing else doing!

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25 out of 100  My Super Ex-Girlfriend
Declan from Wicklow, 23 Feb 2009
Was pleasantly surprised by this RomCom. Despite not being a fan of Uma Thurman, she plays the part of a crazed jilted Ex, albeit one with super powers, to a tee. She's well complimented by Wilson and Izzard, although I agree with other reviews that Izzard's underused.

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35 out of 100  My Super Ex-Girlfriend
Cecilia from Kildare, 28 Jan 2008
Uma Thurman is brilliant as a super-hero "bunny boiler". Great movie, worth a look. Will fill in a couple of hours when nothing on the telly.

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