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The romantic comedy Music And Lyrics By follows Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant), a washed-up 80s pop star whos been reduced to working the nostalgia circuit at county fairs and amusement parks. The charismatic and talented musician gets a chance at a comeback when reigning diva Cora Corman invites him to write and record a duet with her...
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0 out of 10  Blaaaaaah
Aisling from Dublin, 05 Jan 2008
Rent this at your peril. There is no chemistry between the leads. They're better off as friends. In fact I never saw the end, it was just too boring, slow and stupid

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10 out of 100  Forgettable
Daniel from Dublin, 28 Jun 2007
For me Hugh Grant reached his peak with About A Boy and since then I've watched his films in hope of seeing a repeat performance of said film. After the terrible Two Weeks Notice and poor Love Actually (two films I believe Grant himself disowns), this is better than the aforementioned films but not by alot. After a promising start where we see the video of the bands 80's hit, the film takes the usual Hollywood romantic comedy route. This is a pity.

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0 out of 10  Dull. unentertaining, downright annoying
Suzanne from Dublin, 18 Jun 2007
How can a film that stars Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore be so bad? Its boring, the music is very irritating and the script is dire. Could have been so much better. Only watch this if you want to waste 2 hours of your life.

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40 out of 100  Music and Lyrics
Beverly from Dublin, 01 Sep 2009
What a wonderful surprise! This was such an enjoyable movie. Hugh Grant plays an ex popstar from an 80's band (Think Andrew Ridgely from Wham!) The 80's style video's are so funny. Grant has a good singing voice, and dad style dance moves to boot! His chemistry with Drew Barrymore is believable, and although the plot is somewhat predictable , its so well made and acted that i had a smile on my face for the whole film. A real feelgood, lol ,movie for those who remember the 80's first time round!

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5 out of 100  Music and Lyrics
Hannah from Kerry, 10 Dec 2007
Very weak storyline, it has all the appearance of a made for television movie, boring and predictable.

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25 out of 100  Feel Good Feel Good
Robert from Kildare, 29 Jan 2008
Script a little weak and predictable where the jokes are concerned but the part was written for Grant as an ageing English 80's Pop Icon eeking out a living in current times. Barrymore is as inoffensive as usual and Grants Manager isnt even written a character part as far as i could see!...just there to fill the gaps!.....the visual stuff concering the 80's (old Video's/dancing) is pretty amusing and the inevitable happens at the end....the lady enjoyed it as I predicted....

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50 out of 100  Music and Lyrics
Caitríona from Wicklow, 01 Feb 2008
I have watched this movie at least 3 times. If you are prepared to suspend belief in the real world and realise that it is corny and romantic! It is most enjoyable. Hugh Grant would appear to actually have a lovely singing voice - but I think he only pretends to play the piano. Some very funny cringing memories of the eighties! (which unfortunately I can remember only to well!)

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50 out of 100  Music and Lyrics
Gerard from Meath, 19 Oct 2007
I had to enjoy this as I like Hugh Grant and I love Drew Barrymore. They combined well on screen. Is was funny and my kids enjoyed it as well. A great way to spend an evening with a bottle of your choice and sitting in front of a nice fire. It is very easy on the brain and will destress you after a hard weeks work Enjoy

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