Lenny The Wonder Dog

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Zach has taken pity on Lenny, a stray, scruffy dog who looks even more fed up than he does. But this is no ordinary mutt! Zach thinks that he has gone barking mad when the dog starts talking to him. Lenny then explains that an eccentric scientist, has zapped him with a microchip that gives him the ability to talk to humans. But a bunch of thugs are out to capture the magical mutt. Only Lenny the Wonder Dog can show them that actions speak louder than words and with a little help from thier friends, Zach and Lenny embark on a mission to outwit their enemies...
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35 out of 100  'Lenny The Wonder Dog'
Gerard from Kerry, 11 Sep 2008
A good movie, not what I was expecting. I would say people of all ages would like this story of Lenny the wonder dog.

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0 out of 10  lenny the wonder dog
grainne from Dublin, 03 Mar 2009
we pressed stop, couldn't watch it it was so bad!

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