Lagaan (2001)

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English | Hindi


Monday, February 05, 2001

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Considered to be a modern classic of Indian cinema, 'Lagaan' is a musical drama which tells the story of an Indian farming village in 1893. The village desperately needs the monsoons to come and rain on its crops, but the ground remains dry. In the meantime, British ruler Captain Russell (Paul Blackthorne) demands lagaan - or double normal taxes - from the villagers. When it becomes clear that they can't pay, Russell challenges the villagers to a game of cricket, a game they know nothing about. Teaching the villagers about the game falls on the shoulders of farmer Bhuvan (Aamir Khan). As they begin to learn, the villagers are inspired to go up against Russell, with tax negotiation as the stakes for the game. Full of choreographed musical numbers and climaxing in a pulse-pounding cricket match, 'LAgaan' is a fun, heartwarming British/Indian production.
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50 out of 100  Wonderful bollywood epic
Elaine from Waterford, 13 Dec 2010
Wonderful bollywood epic film - once you can see beyond the cheesy lyrics in the song/dance numbers, the toe-tapping score sweeps you along. it's 2 DVDs long, which we split over 2 nights. the cricket scenes are true to the game, with good use of no balls and sharing the strike. Great fun.

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15 out of 100  I tried it but just didnt work for me
Mark from Dublin, 15 Aug 2011
Gave it my best shot but just couldnt get into this movie not saying its bad or anything like that just was not for me.

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