Judge Dredd

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There are no more lawyers, no more trials, no more appeals. There is no need: Judge Dredd, the most legendary and feared of the Judges, is the judge, the jury and the executioner. He is the law! Dredd must face a new danger when the Law itself, corrupted from within, frames him for murder. With the help of Judge Hershey (Diane Lane) and small-time criminal Fergie (Rob Schneider), Dredd must battle his way out of trouble and save the city from his ruthless arch enemy Rico. With non-stop action and spectacular special effects, comes the Blockbuster film of the year.
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35 out of 100  I am the law
Kevin from Dublin, 31 Aug 2007
You gotta love stallone mumbling through in his imitable voice "I am the law". Its a good show. Fans of the comic might enjoy it more but I think there is enough there for non comic fans as well.

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