Friends: Series 8


Includes all the episodes from series 8 of the hit sitcom! 1. The One After "I Do" 2. The One With The Red Sweater 3. The One Where Rachel Tells... 4. A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words 5. The One With Rachel's Date 6. The One With The Halloween Party 7. The One With The Stain 8. The One With The Stripper 9. The One With The Rumour 10. The One With Monica's Boots 11. The One With Ross's Step Forward 12. The One Where Joey Dates Rachel 13. The One Where Chandler Takes A Bath 14. The One With The Secret Closet 15. The One With The Birthing Video 16. The One When Joey Tells Rachel 17. The One With The Tea Leaves 18. The One In Massapequa 19. The One With Joey's Interview 20. The One With The Baby Shower 21. The One With The Cooking Class 22. The One Where Rachel Is Late 23. The One Where Rachel Has A Baby (Part 1) 24. The One Where Rachel Has A Baby (Part 2)

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