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He was looking for the father he never knew; she was looking for a second chance. 'Central Station' is a profoundly moving tale of the human spirit, featuring an unforgettable lead performance by Fernanda Montenegro. Inside Rio de Janeiro's bustling Central Station, two very unlikely souls are about to become inextricably linked. When a young boy (Vincius de Oliveira) witnesses his mother's accidental death, a lonely retired schoolteacher reluctantly takes the child under her wing. Although initially distrustful of each other, the two form an uncommon bond as they venture from the bustling city to Brazil's barren and remote northeast region in search of the boy's father. Together, the two embark on a journey of the heart that restores the woman's spirit and teaches the child precious life lessons. A powerful tear-jerker of uncommon grace and heart, 'Central Station' is destined to become a classic.
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45 out of 100  Central Station
damien from Cork, 27 Jul 2007
One of the most enjoyable films my family and I have watched this year. It's right for any age, warm and original, portraying human relationships and the landscape of Brazil affectionately but realistically at the same time

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30 out of 100  Nice
Ciaran from Dublin, 07 May 2007
A simple enough tale well told of the relationship that grows between a nasty, ageing woman and a boy who has found himself alone in the world. She takes him in and they take a road trip of sorts to track down the boy's unknown father. The two leads make believable characters and the story is simple and not overly dramatic which makes this a nice diversion for fans of the genre.

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40 out of 100  central station
jacky from Cork, 01 Aug 2007
a great world cinema movie,heartfelt,a true eye opener to a world far away from the usual that hollywood spurts out at us!

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45 out of 100  Central Station
A member from Dublin, 31 Mar 2008
Such a lovely movie- easy watching and entertaining. Highly reccommended.

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40 out of 100  Central Station
Nicholas from Cork, 24 Jul 2007
A very powerful, moving film that gives you a great deal to think about.

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45 out of 100  I loved it
Nuala from Dublin, 30 Jun 2010
OK its art house and its foreign so once you can get your head around that you’ll enjoy this. It really draws you in and it’s a lovely story of trust and redemption. It’s also about the disappointments in life. I really loved it

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50 out of 100  Highly recommend this movie.
Jolien from Dublin, 23 Aug 2015
This is a great film and I can't recommend it enough. Had only heard a little bit about it from when it was nominated for an Oscar many years ago so I didn't know what to expect. But it was one of the best movies I have ever seen and I loved every minute of it. Great story and very original. The acting is so natural and the characters are very real. Worth taking the time to watch.

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35 out of 100  Simple, engaging movie
laura from Dublin, 20 May 2009
From the film description, there isn't really much to entice you to watch this movie, but it's worth giving it a try. A very simple story about a young boy and a life weary lady who go on a journey to try to find his father and learn a lot about life on the way. The acting is very believable and it is moving without being a tear jerker.

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