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An FBI crime profiler gets a second chance at life when he receives the transplanted heart of a murder victim. Now the family of the donor asks him to make good on that tracking down the donor's killer!
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25 out of 100  Good
Kevin from Dublin, 28 Mar 2008
Not very challenging in the suspense department but I for one still enjoy crusty old Clint playing the usual character who is p**sed of with everything around him, like one of the old codgers from the Muppets..... except with a shotgun ...and a squint.

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15 out of 100  Okay but a bit ridiculous
Deborah from Cork, 22 Jun 2010
It was okay but the changes in the plot from the book were ridiculous. Honestly just plain ridiculous. I'm still shocked at how the ending changed. I understand that changes have to be made when doing a movie, as opposed to a novel, but to change the fundamentals? Crazy. Also, what in God's name was Clint Eastwood thinking playing the role of a man who (in the book) was in his early to mid 40's! Honestly!

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45 out of 100  Good work
Trish from Limerick, 04 Jan 2010
Great Clint movie, pissed off with everything as usual but one can really relate to the character. Killer turns out to be the last person you would suspect

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25 out of 100  blood work
Linda from Dublin, 19 Jul 2007
thought it was good but it made changes from what happened in the book

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35 out of 100  Clint eastwood
adhel from Dublin, 13 Jul 2010
Like clint eastwood like the movie

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35 out of 100  enjoyable film
John from Meath, 20 Aug 2009
typical Clint film

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