Ally McBeal - Season 1

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6 discs in this set - individual discs

Meet Ally McBeal, she over-analyses her relationships (and sometimes lack of) to the point of becoming emotionally neurotic. Sounds annoying? It can be. Sounds so-American? It can be. Sounds addictive? It will be... They are young, successful lawyers, some of them could even be called beautiful, a lot of them could be called eccentric, and they all work and play together. In this first season we are introduced to the Unisex (the bathroom they all share). Ally is living with Renee, still trying to deal with Billy's marriage to someone who is not her, and is forced to come to terms with working with his new wife Georgia. Richard and Whipper are still together, Elaine establishes herself as the resident know-it-all tart, and John Cage is well, warming up to being John Cage. It is this season we all have to hold to our hearts, as the first time we were introduced to Ally McBeal, the quirky, original and (yet again) brilliance of a David E. Kelly creation. Contains the entire first season. Features the episodes: 1. Pilot 2. Compromising Positions 3. The Kiss 4. The Affair 5. One Hundred Tears Away 6. The Promise 7. The Attitude 8. Drawing The Lines 9. The Dirty Joke 10. Boy To The World 11. Silver Bells 12. Cro-Magnon 13. The Blame Game 14. Body Language 15. Once In A Lifetime 16. Forbidden Fruits 17. Theme Of Life 18. The Playing Field 19. Happy Birthday, Baby 20. The Inmates 21. Being There 22. Alone Again 23. These Are The Days

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